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Getting to grips with basic yoga poses - a session for beginners

This session is for beginners to Iyengar yoga and aims to be both enjoyable and to help you learn how to get to grips with the basic yoga poses.

It is ideal if you have some experience of doing yoga and are keen to learn how to practice to progress.

The session is inspired by Geeta S Iyengar’s teaching about how beginners in yoga should start by creating mobility (dynamic practice) in the poses and then add stability.

She wrote:

“…when stability is present at the heart of our mobility, and mobility within our stability, […]we keep an inner balance…”

The session will be taught by Marion Sinclair - an experienced yoga teacher who also manages IYISL

Time: 11am-1.30pm

Cost of session: £15 members, £20 non-members

(IYISL membership -  £25 per year) 



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