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Moving from general to intermediate level

This the first of a series of focussed sessions to help you develop your yoga practice from general level to intermediate.

The first session will focus is on twists (poses that include the Parivrtta action - which means revolved or turned around). These poses create increased mobility in the spine and help nourish your inner organs. 

This session will be taught by Lara Speroni an experienced, clear and thoughtful Intermediate level Iyengar yoga teacher. 

Lara started Iyengar yoga at IYISL in 2000. 'I can't imagine my life without the focus of yoga now; the yoga journey is never ending and forever challenging, interesting and stimulating.'

This yoga session is for confident beginner and general level students who are keen to learn how to develop their practice and learn from Lara's passion for yoga.

Session times 2-4.30pm

Cost of yoga session: £20 members, £25 non-members.



parivrtta trikonasana prep.jpg