If you are new to Iyengar Yoga you probably have a few questions. Here we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions.  

For all practical information - such as what to wear, what to bring and when to eat - see Class Information.

I've never done Iyengar Yoga before. Which class should I attend?

Contact us first to check.  We always recommend that students new to Iyengar Yoga start with the induction course. Anyone who has experience of Iyengar Yoga or other types of yoga should check with us before attending a class.

Can I come to class if I am feeling unwell?

You shouldn’t come to class if you are unwell but if you are recovering from an everyday illness, like a cold or flu, the restorative classes can be very helpful. Although it’s not an illness, inversions and hard working classes aren’t recommended for women during their period. There are special sequences done in the restorative classes that are very helpful for women during their period.

Do you run classes for pregnant women?

We offer a pregnancy class for women in the second and third trimester of their pregnancy. Yoga is not advisable in the first trimester. The classs runs on Saturdays from 1-2pm. Booking is essential.

How do I get to the Institute?

For information about how to get to us see Contact Us